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A newspaper without a weather report is inconceivable. Studies show that the newspaper is regularly consulted by readers to inform them about the weather. Not only the weather text, but especially the infographics make the weather report in a newspaper more appealing. The rise of the Internet has changed things. The Internet offers the possibility to provide readers up to date information about the weather, like radar images and the weather reports. However, especially newspapers have the opportunity to report the weather in the country and beyond the boarders for the next several days.

Meteovista produces daily high quality weather infographics for newspapers and has become the market dominator in the Netherlands in just a few years. 

Reasons customers should choose Meteovista are:
  the reliable weather data,
  the graphical quality of the infographics,
  the flexibility and service offered by Meteovista.

Besides possibilities for newspapers, Meteovista can provide a range of offers and collaboration possibilities concerning the Internet.