Membership conditions of GraphicWeather

  1. Access
    Using the access codes you will receive from WeerOnline, you and your co-workers will be able to use the website (

  2. Abuse
    It is forbidden to publicly display your user name and/or password and/or distribute them to third parties. WeerOnline uses an IP-check to verify this.

  3. Subscription period
    Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the subscription period is one year.

  4. Term of notice
    Written termination is possible before the start of the next subscription year.
    In that case access to WeerOnline will be blocked starting the new subscription year. Written notice can be given using fax, e-mail or by letter.

    Address information:
    WeerOnline BV
    Membership registration
    Waterstraat 11
    6882 GA Velp (Gelderland)
    Telephone:  +31(0)26-3622111
    Fax.:              +31(0)26-3621699

  5. Refund
    If WeerOnline receives a cancellation notice during the period of subscription there will be no refund of subscription fees.

  6. Extension
    When WeerOnline has not received a written notice within the term of notice, as indicated in 4, it will be silently assumed that the subscription has been prolonged for a next subscription term.

  7. Payment
    WeerOnline will send an invoice. It should be paid within 30 days.